Motorcycle & UTV Audio

We offer a wide variety of car audio installation & premium products for your vehicle. Below is a brief list of the most popular upgrades we offer. If you have questions or need something that is not listed, please give us a call.


The easiest way to improve the sound quality in your vehicle is to replace your factory speakers with premium car audio components. Our car audio installation team understands the importance of using high-quality materials and products tailored to your vehicle. Our professional career has lead us to the best quality speakers available at every price point.


Some people think that amplifiers are just for car audio enthusiasts who want the whole world to hear their bass. In reality, an amplifier is a key product for anyone who cares about great sound quality and awesome music. An amplifier can provide cleaner sound, more power, and better performance.


Now you may think ” I don’t want that annoying rattling and those disturbing glances from fellow drivers at a stop light.” This is far from our typical setup in our customers’ vehicles. Our subwoofer installations complement the sound system in your car much like a home stereo system, not overpower it.

car stereo system design


Any great system starts with conception. Our expert design team is dedicated to providing you with the highest performance and dependability of your aftermarket upgrade through superior system design.
custom car stereo


Our professional installers specialize in not only making your system sound fantastic but look the part as well. With expertise in custom speaker enclosures, aftermarket lighting, and much more. Our team of experts is here to provide a complete, quality, and gorgeous car audio installation.
professional installation


Our trained installation professionals take pride in using high-quality components and modern installation techniques. We have years of experience and continually attend regular training to stay privy to the ever-changing auto technology.



With Bluetooth capabilities becoming more commonplace, you can now eliminate those pesky wires in your vehicle. Adding Bluetooth technology to your vehicle has many benefits.  With Bluetooth voice-activated controls you are free to make and receive calls, operate your media controls such as pausing, skipping and rewinding tracks, and even pause to take incoming calls then resume once your call has completed. Just imagine, all of that control without ever lifting a finger or taking your hands off the wheel.
sound deadning dynamat


Metal and plastic door panels are a far from an ideal place to install speakers. The thin metal and plastic vibrates and has a detrimental effect on the quality and accuracy of sound. Adding deadening material to your door panel it reduces those vibrations, creates a more stable environment for your speakers, and greatly increases sound quality throughout the vehicle.


Still rocking that outdated radio or CD player? We can help you ditch the antique and upgrade to one of our modern units that have the features you really want, and some you may not even be aware of. Bluetooth integration, Navigation, Mobile Device Connectivity, and Media Streaming are just some of the features a modern unit can provide. And rest assured we utilize specific quality parts to ensure a perfect fit and finish for professional installation in thousands of vehicles on the road today.



With modern vehicles incorporating newer technology into their factory systems out of the gate, not all include one or more features you’ve always wanted. This is where our integration specialists excel. Our car audio installation experts can add just about any feature you can imagine. And best of all, most of these options can be integrated directly into your factory system!
car audio tuning


Integrated audio systems and communication are becoming more complex, and this requires the use of modern and refined tools. But rest assured your vehicle is in the hands of car audio installation experts and you will be amazed at the results!


Take your audio experience to the next level with a signal processor. Like the ones used in concerts, they allow you to fine-tune your audio experience to suit your specific taste. Utilizing a signal processor we have full control over the audio system via laptop and adjust the system until you are completely satisfied.



The most cost-effective way to improve sound quality on a motorcycle is to replace the speakers & add an amplifier. While this will give you more volume, the main purpose is to add detail at higher volume levels. This will allow you to play your audio system & hear every detail in the music while you’re cruising down your favorite open highway


We specialize in stereo systems for side by side vehicles such as the Polaris RZR, RZR XP 900, RZR 4. Whether you are looking for a simple solution to play an iPod and get some tunes in your UTV or interested in installing a complete sound system, we have the products and knowledge to get you set up with the ideal solution.